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Pre Construction

We follow a step by step process for each process. In the preconstruction phase once you have met the team we discuss either buying an existing lot or building on your own lot. We have a real estate agent on our team to help with the right location. After we find the right location, we develop a budget for the project. You will get guaranteed pricing, which means that the cost will not changed during construction for all contract items. After reviewing budget and space needs, we can help you select a floor plan suitable to meet your needs. We tailor each floor plan to the homeowner's needs and budget. Plan changes are made to accommodate homeowner's requests and needs. After choosing a floor plan we will review all components and finishes for the project. These will comprise the project specifications used through construction in conjunction with the building plans. All finalized project information is submitted to the financial institution for review. If financing is not required, then an escrow account is established with a local title company. Once financing is approved plans will be submitted to the local jurisdiction for review and building permit approval. This may include separate jurisdictions and roughly 2 months before final approval for construction to begin. 

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Zion Brothers reputation for extraordinary quality and value has made us one of the best contractors in Arizona. We believe understanding the process of building is important to our clients. With our long-standing subcontractor relationships and our extensive experience, we can help you through the entire building process. The following are the steps to a completed project:

Excavation and Foundation - To begin construction, the site is excavated and foundation forms are placed and inspected according to the site plans. Concrete is poured and cured followed by backfill of foundation to prepare for framing. 

Framing - One of the most exciting stages, the home take shape as walls are framed and roof trusses set. Once framing is complete, the project superintendent meets with the homeowner to conduct an onsite walk through.

Mechanical & Electrical Rough-Ins - At this stage plumbing, HVAC, electrical and low voltage wiring and lines are installed in framed walls.

Inspections - All framing and trade work is inspected by the local jurisdictions to verify code compliance. Once approved, insulation can be installed and inspected.

Drywall - Sheetrock is hung. Tape and texturing are completed. Suddenly the shape and space of the home is revealed. 

Trim and Paint - Trim work and doors are installed throughout the home. Painters prep all woodwork and apply paint coatings.

Cabinets - Cabinets are delivered and installed. Countertops are templated and installed.

Tile & Flooring - Shower waterproofing is completed. Tile showers, floors and backsplashes are installed. Hardwood flooring and carpet are installed. Exterior driveways and walks are poured.

Final Trade Work - Plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems are completed. Faucets and light fixtures are installed, and equipment set. Once all trade work is complete the project superintendent inspects for any touchups and corrections. Final inspections are completed through the local jurisdictions.

New Home Orientation - The home is finished! The onsite superintendent will conduct a new home orientation and key turnover to homeowners.

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